An interactive feature-length psychological drama about two millennials in transition between the academic and professional lives while navigating the complexities of love, trust and freedom. With interactive elements, this film invites viewers to participate within the story, hence impacting the character perception and course.

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About a Man

A Man
About a Woman

A Woman
About a Man and a Woman

A Man
Viewer Participation

Augmented by carefully-designed interactive story and character features, this interactive film creates a participatory experience between viewer and content. The chapter-based story is impacted by both the audience's dialogue choices and actions during quick time events (on-screen prompts) for how the characters behave, speak, react. This can be seen as a study of the story protagonists as much as of the audience since viewers participate within the story, making moral choices and choosing character dialogues.

Writer and Director Thierry Loa
Production by HELLOHELLO!!
Email: a.man.and.a.woman.film@gmail.com

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